How To Become A Disc Jockey

How To Become A Disc Jockey

Posted By on Sep 6, 2013

On The AirBeing a Disc Jockey or DJ is a lifelong dream for many people who have always wanted to work in the radio industry and to be considered a social icon within their listener range. There are several things in which a person will need to do in order to get into this career, and the sooner that they start preparing, the more likely they are going to be able to make it in the radio industry.

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Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

Posted By on Aug 6, 2013

Skyline of Los Angeles at nightFor those who take a trip to California, they are more than likely going to want to spend some time in Los Angeles, as this is considered one of the more major cities that the state has to offer. Due to the city having so many attractions and things to do, there is certainly going to be something that will be interesting to any person, no matter where their interests lie.

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Nice new carA new car is something that most people will have at one point in time or another. Yet, there are many things that you need to consider when buying a new car. Most people would think that since this is new, there is really nothing to think about, but there are just as many things to think about when compared to buying a used car. Through thinking about these aspects, you can ensure that the new car that you get is going to be one that fits your every need.

1. The price of insurance

With a new car, you can expect to pay more for insurance than what you currently pay for the car you drive. The reason for this is that newer cars are valued higher, since they would cost more to insure. However, the more safety features that the new car has on it is going to drop the price of insurance. The key to remember in this situation is that you need to get a quote to see if the car is really something that you can afford to insure. Definitely check out some of the sites that look at various kinds of insurance coverage, shop around, and make smart and economical choices.

2. Learn how to negotiate

When you are buying a brand new car you need to remember that the price is not set in stone. You will want to negotiate the price in order to get the best deal that is available. Car lots list a price that is often higher than what they really need to make in order to make a profit, since car lots buy these cars from the manufacturer for a fraction of the price of what you are paying. So, be prepared to negotiate. And if there is no negotiation to be had, consider going to another lot and working with a new salesman to find the deal that best fits your financial needs.

3. New cars do lose their value

As soon as you drive off the car lot, you are going to lose resell value. You need to factor in whether this is a financial investment or not. For the most part, cars are not wise financial investments in order to make more money in the long run. However, they can still be a good investment if you are looking to have lower maintenance costs when compared to your current vehicle.

4. Read your sales contract closely

The sales contract is going to have your warranty information and all the necessary information that you have discussed with the salesman. You need to read this carefully to ensure that there is nothing in the contract that could hurt you later. Once you sign a contract, the car is yours and you want to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

Buying a new car is an exciting experience. Yet, this is not something in which a person should jump into. The more hasty the approach, the more likely you are going to find that you did not get a good deal. If you take the time, know your approach and go through the process with efficiency, this can be a great experience.

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Bored trainees in training classNo matter what type of job you have, more than likely you have to take job training classes. Many professions require that their workers take these training classes upon entering into a job with the company and still make workers take these every so often, like once or twice a year. These training courses can be especially boring when you are learning about what you do on a daily basis. There is no wonder that so many people are looking for ways to prevent their boredom during these job training classes. There are several things that you can do to avoid the boredom, and more likely the inattention that you are paying to these courses.

1. Contribute to the class

If you contribute to the class in some way, whether this is sharing an experience or even asking questions, you are going to ensure that you are listening to what the class instructor is telling you. Through actively listening because you know that you are going to contribute, you are going to avoid boredom. In fact, you may find it even educational or fun to be in these classes.

2. Participate with the group activities

If your class allows for group activities, yet these are optional, be sure that you are participating. You are going to find that this will make the time go faster, and you never know when you may learn something new that can be beneficial to your career. Whether you want to become a forklift driver or a disc jockey, make sure you participate in the group. After all, what you are studying is your chosen career path!

3. Do not watch the clock

This is one of the main reasons that people become bored during training courses. They may sit there and simply stare at the clock, watching time slip them by. The old saying that time will pass slower when you are watching it is true. Therefore, avoid looking at the clock, your cell phone or your own personal watch.

4. Utilize breaks as you should

Most training courses are going to put in a few break periods, and you need to use these to the best of your ability. Instead of simply sitting there and waiting for the course to go on, get up and walk around a bit. Talk to others in the class and take the time to recharge your brain and body. If you do this, you are going to be able to pay attention better and you can avoid feeling bored.

5. Don’t go into these courses with a negative mindset

If you go into the course knowing that you are going to be bored, you are going to be bored. The fulfillment of these types of courses are based a lot on your mindset. Instead, going into these training courses with the idea that you are going to learn something new or at least learn more about concepts that you are already embracing. Through having a positive mindset you can beat boredom easily. Although some of these kinds of courses can be downright dull, sometimes you will find some training that is actually worthwhile. When you do – be thankful!

Training courses may not be that great to listen to when they are focused on the job that you already do. But, being bored in these types of classes does not have to be automatic. Through having the right mindset and utilizing these tips listed, you can make these courses a learning experience that you enjoy.

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jobs graphicBeing involved in radio is a career path that I throughly enjoy. However, it was not always the career path that I was interested in. If I were not involved in radio, there are many career options that I would consider.

1. Journalist

This does go along with the radio career, since this is all in the field of communications, specifically broadcast communications. The difference would be that this would require more writing and reporting. Both of which are rather interesting and something that most communication majors have at one point toyed with doing.

2. Television Anchor

Being a television anchor is a dream for many kids, as all they see is being on TV and reading a few paragraphs of information. However, there is a bit more to this than that. TV anchors have to read precisely and very fast when they reading from these teleprompters. In addition, the anchor has to be fairly well at communicating with their co-host in order to create a unique television show that people are going to want to watch.

3. Doctor

What kid has never thought about being a doctor? Most kids want to do something that matters, and being a doctor is one way to do this. Saving lives and being respected among your community are just a few reason to consider being a doctor. Of course, you need to have some bedside manner and be rather smart in order to keep up with the changing health worries of the world. It is an extremely stressful job that keeps most doctors from having a normal life that most people enjoy. A good alternative to becoming a doctor would be to become a phlebotomist as the training is quite a bit easier.

4. Teacher

Teachers are the foundation of the world as they are who teach the upcoming generations what they need to know. Most people look at the teaching profession as being one of the easiest professions since teachers get summer off, yet being a teacher is a year round profession. During their time off, teachers are preparing for the coming months of teaching. Plus, they have to do a lot of customer service type of deals since they are dealing with rowdy kids and parents who question their grades and methods of teaching.

5. Truck Driver

Truck drivers get to see the world. Especially, those who drive routes that take them across state lines frequently throughout the week. It would seem that driving would be an easy career choice. Yet, the responsibility and stress of driving large loads across state lines, adhering to specific laws required for truckers and being on a time crunch can make this career very stressful. Though, truck drivers do deliver many goods and products that everyone wants and needs in their area, so it can be rather rewarding as well.

Every career out there is going to have good and bad points. And every person is better suited to some careers than others. In order to truly enjoy your career, you have to find the one that fits your tastes and is something that you love doing in order to fully enjoy the career.

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Mississippi River boat cruiseTaking a cruise may not be in the vacation budget for many people. But, there are several cruises that you can take that are more local and located within the US that are just as much fun. I took the Mississippi Riverboat Cruise and have to say that this was money well spent. It was not only fun, but it was an experience that I could not have had with any other type of cruise.

My Experience

I left on the cruise that morning and did not return until later in the day, so this is a day long activity for those who are interested. It started with learning a bit about the river itself and what we could see throughout the day. The educational side of the cruise is something that makes this great for families. Not only did the guides talk about the river, but about the wildlife that was on the river. What was really a sight to see was the actual wildlife that we came across. The wildlife ranged from specific breeds of birds, to turtles and fish in the river.

What to Bring

If you are serious about taking one of these tours, I suggest bringing your own camera and binoculars. You never know what you are going to see and each cruise is going to be slightly different from the other. Thus, you never know when you are going to see something that is picture worthy. The boat I was on did have a few pairs of binoculars, but there was not enough for every person to have. Also be sure that you bring plenty of sunblock, sunglasses and the like. There are days in which the summer heat can be extreme and it is easy to get burned.

Booking These Tours

These tours do book in advance, thus if you plan to take one of these be sure to call ahead for when these tours take place. For the most part, you do not want to go on a tour when the day is rainy since it will greatly decrease what you are going to see. In fact, many tours may be canceled if the weather is going to be extremely rainy and stormy, as this is not something that a cruise company wants to gamble with.

With this being said, your local travel company should have information that will connect you with companies that offer these tours. Or, you can do this search yourself online. A few key points to keep in mind when looking at these tours:

- Be sure that the tour is going to offer what you want such as guided tours, tours of specific areas of the river, etc.
- The time is one in which you can make easily
- Reviews on these tours to ensure that they are something that you want to take

If you have always wanted to take a cruise, yet you do not want to have to go to the ocean, then the Mississippi River Cruise can be the fit for what you want. It is definitely going to be something that you do not experience everyday.

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